NewAccess Early Intervention Program

NewAccess is an early intervention program for Australian adults with mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Healthy North Coast 

Healthy North Coast is a community-focussed online health hub led by North Coast NSW Medicare Local that supports everyone in getting healthy and staying healthy. Healthy North Coast contains accessible, easy to understand, reliable and up-to-date health information that can be used locally.

Headspace Lismore Opens Doors

Lismore's new headspace centre in Carrignton Street is now open, providing a range of health services for young people in the Northern Rivers.

Are Medicare Locals the same as Medicare?

Medicare is an Australian Government agency that administers publicly-funded health care. It is through Medicare you can claim health rebates. Medicare Locals are non-government organisations that coordinate primary health care and tackle local health needs and service gaps.

What is North Coast NSW Medicare Local?

Medicare Locals are a national network of primary health care organisations. They build on the work of the Divisions of General Practice Networks.

North Coast NSW Medicare Local
PO BOX 957

phone: 02 6618 5400